Writing Journey

David W. Berner is a memoirist, essayist, fiction writer, and journalist. From the time he was delivering the Pittsburgh Press as a young boy he has been fascinated with stories, reading many of the paper's sections before delivering it to his customers. As a young man, he played and wrote music in a band—in essence, telling more stories. Soon, he was working in broadcasting as a radio personality and later a journalist. Again, telling stories. In his 40s, he wrote his first book, Accidental Lessons—a memoir of a year of teaching in an under-privileged school—and hasn't stop writing since. 

The San Francisco Book Review wrote: "A constant in David's writing is his enormous sense of humanity. He is as much a philosopher of the porch swing variety as anyone writing today." 

David lives in the Chicago area with his wife and dog, Sam. He teaches at Columbia College Chicago and continues his broadcast journalism work.