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Songwriting and original music

A streaming album of original music on SPOTIFY. It's now available to hear, share, and add to your playlists. 

This collaborative effort  with musician and prodcuer Jim Olson, along with NoiseFloor studios in Chicago was a joyous experience, a way to stretch creativity and share some songs I'm hoping you'll like, and even love. 

Find it here on SPOTIFY


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FisherKingDavid W. Berner
00:00 / 02:36

Marching single in a row
Daughters of time letting go
They bring the priest and doctor too
Running in long black coats over fields of dew
Dragonflies draw the flame
The water rises just the same
Visions of falling through the clouds
Finding the lost and found in the lonely crowds

She’s the Fisher King

The prophet stands against the night
Eyes away from the light
The mortal man finds answers true
Kneels before the sun for me and you

He’s the Fisher King

Something hidden behind the sky
A million years away they hear the cry
She is given to the lost
Swallowed in the river she couldn’t cross

She’s the Fisher King

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